Yarn Jars

Continuing with the theme of organizing, I decided to organize my yarn leftovers this week. I had tons of scraps from previous projects jammed in to a giant mason jar, but I realized that wasn’t very practical. For one thing, I had no idea what was in there. For another, not all of my scraps would fit in that one jar.


I started by sorting the scraps by weight, then by size. Then the real fun started! I probably could have just thrown everything in jars and called it a day, but that would be too practical easy. I noticed that a good deal of my scrap sock yarn was really loosely wound, so I re-wound them in to cakes so that they would fit in jars easier.


I put all of my mystery yarn (which also happens to be white) in to a mason jar. Then I put all my tiny, baby sock yarns scraps in to the next. Then the medium skeins of sock yarn came next. And I couldn’t really figure out where to put the larger sock yarn skeins, when my glass hat model caught my eye.


Next came the dk weight – all leftovers from my Drachenfels shawl.


I used my original scrap jar for all of my leftover aran and worsted weight yarn.


And lastly I put all of my bulky yarn in the last mason jar. Yay! I can finally see how much of each type yarn I have leftover. Let the using up begin!



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