Needle Binders

The first step in using things up is organizing and analyzing “all the things”. At least, that’s where I thought it best to start. Since my main focus is on using up craft supplies, I thought it best to start there. I gathered together some old 3-ring binders, some page markers, and a big old pile of page protectors…..and turned them in to some handy needle organizers. I use these for my double pointed knitting needles and circular knitting needles. Eventually I’d like to create nice labels for the fronts and spines, but this will do for now. I found all of these materials lying around my house but you should be able to find these things at an office supply (or superstore) on the cheap.


I tried my best to make them look nice. My thought process being, if they are nice to look at then I’m more likely to use them.


It is really nice having these divided up by size. I don’t need to guess what size a needle is or scramble to find a needle gauge. (Bonus: 3 ring binders usually have pockets which can be used to store needle gauges!)


If I decide to purchase needles in a new size all I will have to do is add another binder insert. Though I guess I will have to re-do my sizing labels if the size is in the middle. Sounds like good motivation not to buy more 😉


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