Gred and Forge Socks

My first “use it up project” makes use of a magazine that I received several years ago for my birthday.


It is the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits magazine. Why this magazine? Well I’m taking part in a couple of Harry Potter knit-alongs at the moment. There’s also a knit-along specific to Weasley family members, so I thought the Fred & George socks would be perfect.


Here’s my current progress on the socks. I’m using up two skeins of sock yarn from my stash. The green is Knit Picks Stroll in the Tranquil colorway. The purple yarn is Deborah Norville Serenity in the Purple colorway. I’m using a brand new Addi Turbo circular needle size 1.5 US/2.5 mm for this project. I was originally using a Hiya Hiya bamboo needle in the same size, but that needle broke mid-sock. Lesson learned, stick with metal needles for sock knitting.

Items to be used up: 3
New item acquired: 1
Current score: 2


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