2016: The Year of the Sock

A new year, a new drawer full of socks! This year my goal is to make all the socks. Or at least all the socks that I can make with my existing yarn. My old store bought socks are finally wearing through and it’s high time to replace them with gorgeous handknitted ones. My only problem is that I can’t decide which socks to make first. The top 3 contenders:



Dragon’s Egg Socks
As part of the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits collection, these socks combine two of my all time loves….Harry Potter and knitting. With an intricate broom and lightning bolt pattern, these socks look challenging. I’ll be honest, they’re a little more challenging than I usually prefer but they won me over with their cute broom and lightning bolt pattern.







Marlene Socks

I absolutely adore the cable pattern on these. They look feminine and dainty while also being sturdy enough to wear all day. Several ravelry knitters have also tweaked the pattern to make fingerless mitts. Such a great idea!









Paved Boot Toppers

Do boot toppers count as socks? If so, I’m adding these to my list. If not, I may just count them anyway because they’re so darn cute. Tin Can Knits is one of my absolute favorite team of designers. Their patterns are simple to knit, easy to wear, and often on sale. What up 12 days of Christmas sale?!? (I may have stocked up this winter.)


Which one would you pick first? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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