2015 In Review

2015 was a fun and exciting year. So much happened yet so many wonderful things also stayed the same. My husband and I decided to stay in the US instead of moving abroad and opted instead to set our roots in the local area. We have started house hunting and will hopefully found a new home soon. I started a new job at a wonderful company that encourages growth and lifelong learning. My husband also took on more responsibilities at his job and has expanded for being “the beer guy” to the “beer, mead, wine, and local treats guy”. I think he enjoyed the year as much as  I did 🙂

Last but not least, quite a bit of knitting was done in the last year.I knit my first sweater, several pairs of socks, a pile of charity hats, and my first shawl. Time for a walk down memory lane.

sweaterMy first sweater came out great. I have been wearing it every chance I get. I absolutely love neutral grey sweaters like this one. They are great to throw on whether you want to dress up a pair of jeans or just want something cozy and warm to snuggle up in.


My first shawl came out beautifully. I was able to obtain the last skein I needed to finish it. I even got to experience washing and pinning out the finished item to dry. Now I understand why people love  blocking wires so much! All the stress and backache from being hunched over for an hour was worth it though. Now I have a gorgeous shawl that I also wear all the time.


I also knit up a pair of striped socks for my husband for Valentine’s day. They may not have gotten finished until September, but who’s keeping track? I accidentally made them a bit too large so he doesn’t wear them too often, but they do look quite nice when he decides to show them off. I’m currently working on another pair in attempts to make it up to him.



Lastly, I made some self-striping socks for myself, also way too big. It’s quite alright though. They have become my go-to lounging socks. There’s just something so inexplicably cozy about snuggling up on the couch in overiszed socks.

I’m looking forward to another year of knitting adventures in 2016. More to come in the next post. Happy new year!


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