Works In Progress

A few project updates today.


I’m making good progress on my Drachenfels shawl. I bought the kit Energy from Craftsy during their summer sale. I absolutely love summer yarn sales! They help yarn distributors and shop owners clear out old stock while allowing allow knitters to get great deals on yarn and knitting tools.

Actually, now that I think about it….I think the majority of my stash is yarn bought during summer sales. Hmmm I think I might have to speed up my knitting to make room for upcoming sales…..that or buy a bigger house. Yeah I like the sound of option 2.


Here are the lovely MSU socks that I’m knitting for my husband. The MSU part refers to the green and white stripes. The actual pattern is the Universal Toe Up Sock Formula from Knitty. In case you were wondering, the yarn was not from a summer sale, it was full price. This shows the depth of my love for my husband that I would pay full price for yarn for his socks…..that or my love of sock yarn.

Regardless, the socks are coming out nicely, especially if we ignore that little bump in the road. By bump in the road, I mean I finished one sock only to realize that he couldn’t fit it on his foot and had to frog the whole thing. Apparently he no longer trusts me to measure his foot and make the right size socks after the last pair came out too big. So he measured and told me waaaaaaaay smaller measurements in an effort to make them smaller. Well they were smaller alright. After that fiasco, I re-measured his foot and increased the cast on from 48 stitches to 60. Hopefully the socks fit perfectly….otherwise I’ll never hear the end of it. *fingers crossed*


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