Work In Limbo

This is my current work in progress, the lovely Sunshine Shawl For Sad People by Sylvia Bo Bilvia. I would absolutely love to finish this beauty and wear it right now. Unfortunately, I didn’t plan ahead and buy several skeins of Mill Ends Yarn when I started it.

I remember buying the first skein and thinking “why would I ever need more than one skein of yarn?” At the time I was planning on making a hat or a cowl, so it made sense. But then I fell in love with this shawl and thought “I’ll definitely be able to whip up this knit with only two skeins.”

It’s because of this that I find myself out of mill ends yarn and waiting for the next shipment at my local yarn shop. Oh sure there are a few skeins there right now….but none of them coordinate with my current colors. So with much sadness and regret I have to shun this beautiful knit to the deepest darkest knitting corner while we both wait for its final skein to come in.

Has anyone else ever run out of yarn like this? How did you cope while waiting for more yarn?


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