News On Iceland

It’s been another eventful week in the mason jar home. My husband and I have been anxiously waiting for our required background check to get back from the FBI for over two months now. Our deadline to submit our paperwork, including the background check, to Iceland looms closer every day. Today we made the conscious decision to stop waiting.

Moving to Iceland seemed like a dream come true when we got the letter from the University of Iceland, but the wait has put some things in to perspective. Diving in to finances, possible loans, and housing made us realize that it’s rather hard to move to the little island. It’s nearly impossible to get a job, much less a job without sponsorship. This also goes for housing.

Are we giving up? Not at all. We’re simply regrouping. We are going to defer enrollment until next year. In that time we are going to save up money and try to network with residents on the island. I am also going to apply for a master’s degree at the college with my husband. If we are both accepted, we will be able to live together in student housing.

It’s a lot to take in, but I”m relieved that I don’t have to wait on a faceless government anymore. I know what I have to do and I know how long I have left to achieve it. This upcoming year, my focus will be to enjoy the time I have left in this city and with my loved ones until I leave. It’s actually very exciting 😀


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