Christmas Planning

So I have a confession to make. Most of my stash is acrylic. As much as I donate and as much natural fiber as I seem to be buying, the acrylic remains. I gave away 30 or so skeins to my crafty friends, yet I still have several drawers left. What’s a knitter to do? Oh yeah! I can knit with it. Inspired Christmas presents it is!

Yes it might only be June but I’m already compiling my Christmas lists. My goal this year is to use up the majority of my plastic yarn. Some will be my own patterns but I have a feeling that many will be some of the lovely things I’ve seen floating around the interwebs.

These lovely cowls would be perfect for my two sisters and possibly my mum. The come in 3 different versions; beer, wine, and cider.

I’m quite partial to yellow and purple…as well as cider. Who knows? I might have to make another one for myself.

This hat looks like the perfect gift for a teenager. Casual, minimal and, best of all, it doesn’t look homemade unless you look at it real quick. This is especially important for teenage boys. In my experience, the less something looks hand-knit the more likely it will be worn by my nephews. 

The lovely Prim hat would be an excellent choice for my nieces as well as my brother’s girlfriend. It has the perfect amount of cables to keep things interesting without feeling overwhelmed.

Of all the patterns on my list, I think I’m most excited to knit this one up. I’ve been hearing rave reviews on it all over the web.

Well that’s my list so far! Any thoughts or recommendations of other great gift knits? I’d love to hear them 🙂


One thought on “Christmas Planning

  1. Gah! I need to start thinking about Christmas too.. I have way too many people to gift to and if I’m going to be out of the country, I should probably start now and have my mom distribute them out for me later 🙂


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