Recreating The Perfect Slouch

Have you ever had a pattern floating around in your head? Perhaps it’s an item that you saw on the street that you know you can (and must) make as soon as you have time. Perhaps it’s a brand new item that the world has never seen (but must) as soon as your knitting queue calms down. Or perhaps, as in this specific case, it’s an item that you came up with while experimenting and haven’t been able to recreate since.

Yes, that’s right. I created the perfect, yes perfect slouch several years ago when first learning how to do hats. I wasn’t following a pattern, just knitting and trying it on as I went along. Perfect length, perfect width, perfect a mount of slouch. Just one problem. I forgot to write it down! I know, I know….awful.

But there is hope! I have found the sample I knitted. It’s worn and fraying at the ends from lots of use, but I have it! I’m currently measuring and experimenting to recreate my beloved slouch.

The best news is that I will be sharing this wonderful hat with you! Yes, you too can have the perfect slouch. Best part? Totes free! I want everyone to have the joy of a hat that sits perfectly on your head without falling off. A hat that covers your ears without falling in your eyes.

I present…..the perfect slouch. It might not look like much….but it is magic!

A hat that knits up quick and can be given to all for easy, last minute presents! Hazzah!


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