Friday Link Love


We made it another week. 5 days endured for 2 days of freedom. To celebrate, I decided to share the lovely finds I have stumbled upon though out the week.

Capture a dandelion in resin
In the link you’ll find a video created by the Dandelion Collective on how to make your own beautiful dandelion paperweight. If you’re not feeling very crafty, you can also buy one on their site.

Mini Skein Necklace
How cute is this necklace? It could be made using leftover sock yarn or embroidery floss. Perfect for any yarnthusiast!

Clever idea for desk
With a little glue, excess fabric and old photo frame you can make a nice paper organizer. I really like that just about any kind of fabric or frame will work for this. You can use whatever is lying around or you can customize it based on what you need.


2 thoughts on “Friday Link Love

    1. Thanks! I’ve had it pinned for awhile but haven’t had a chance to make yet. I’m thinking it would be a good craft party project.


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